Energy efficient homes for the future

Energy efficient homes for the future

Energy bills have risen by up to 80% in the ongoing energy crisis and this has everyone thinking about not only ways to save money but also about how we can be more energy efficient to the benefit of our bank balance and our planet.

Improving the energy efficiency of an older home can require extensive cost and disruption. Currently only 3% of older homes have an EPC certificate of B or above compared to 84% of new build properties.


A study conducted by The Home Builders Federation (HBF) which represents over 300 housebuilders in England and Wales found that the average New Build buyer can save over £170 per month thanks to the energy efficiency of their home. This could result in a saving of over £2,000 throughout the year.


In this report (titled Watt a Save), Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the HBF, said: “The energy crisis is highlighting starkly the efficiency benefits and costs savings provided by new build homes. Energy efficiency is increasingly a priority for house hunters and the financial savings clearly demonstrate why. In the face of the cost of living crisis we now need lenders to take these savings into account so that consumers can benefit further through cheaper mortgages.”


Thanks to modern construction standards such as the Governments rigorous Future Buildings Standard and improved Building Regulations, there are much more energy efficient materials and processes being used leading to new homes being built to be more energy efficient.


Some examples of this are:


  • Insulation: Insulation is typically better quality and you will find more of it in the walls and roof space
  • Glazing: Again this tends to be better quality meaning that your home will both need less heat and will lose less heat
  • New appliances: Depending on house type you will have a selection of new appliances. These modern products such as boiler, dishwasher, fridge freezer will also cost less to run
  • Using smart devices such as Hive heating controls, which come with all our homes as standard, will help to heat your home in the areas you are using at the time you need it.


It has never been so important so make sure your home is energy efficient.

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