Look after both your pocket and your planet by buying new

Look after both your pocket and your planet by buying new

Save an average of up to £2,200 on energy bills each year and reduce your carbon emissions by buying new. (Compared to older counterparts. Source: Home Builders Federation (HBF) Watt a Save Report July 2023)

The HBF’s Watt a Save July 2023 report based on an analysis of government Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data for the year to March 2023 finds new builds consistently achieve high energy performance levels, The analysis of government data also shows new homes use 55% less energy and 60% less carbon than older properties.

The HBF said that these findings demonstrated the advantages of modern building practices, technology, and products, “and the industry’s commitment to greener, environmentally conscious construction”. 

Neil Jefferson, Managing Director at HBF says: “The action industry is taking to continually improve the energy and carbon efficiency of new homes is contributing significantly towards Government’s net zero action plan and helping to ease the mounting pressures on household incomes across the country.”

The report found that those living in a new build home emitted 1.4 tonnes of carbon each year compared to more than double this at 3.6 tonnes in an older property showing what a difference we can make for the planet.

Due to new build properties requiring much less energy, buyers of these properties will see much lower bills. The average older property can cost around £3,000 a year to run, whereas the average new build costs approximately £1,317 giving you a 55% saving.

The HBF’s report findings showed that 85% of new build homes have an Energy Performance Certificate of A or B compared to only 4% of existing properties.

At Concert Homes our homes are built with energy efficiency in mind with higher quality glazing and insulation as well as new appliances that cost less to run and smart devices such as Hive heating controls which come with all of our homes as standard.

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