New Homes Week

New Homes Week

Contemporary, spacious, energy-efficient homes with the best in modern living. Fulfilling the needs of the homebuyers of today. This New Homes Week, organised by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), we are celebrating the benefits of moving to a new build home.


With the increase in the cost of living and emphasis on looking after our planet it has never been a better time to buy new. The newly published Watt a Save report from the HBF showcases both the financial and environmental benefits that can be found with a new home.

Energy Efficiency:

Compared to an older property that typically consumes more energy than is needed, a new build home comes with good quality double glazing, thicker insulation, and more efficient heating systems. New build homes emit approximately two tonnes less of carbon that an older property.

According to the HBF’s Watt a Save report, only 4% of older homes achieve an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A or B, compared to 85% of new homes.

The report also claims that buying a new home can result in savings of over £3,100 on annual energy bills along with a reduced carbon footprint.

No unexpected renovation costs:

The HBF have calculated that it would cost over £70,000 on average to bring a standard 3 bedroom semi-detached home up to the standard of a new build. This is before you even consider the upheaval of renovating against being able to move straight in.

A new build home gives you a blank canvas on which you can put your own stamp that suits your taste and lifestyle without any hidden DIY disasters from a previous owner.

A brand new home also means newly installed kitchens and bathrooms as well as new energy-efficient appliances.

Homes are designed for modern life and flexible living with open-plan kitchen and dining areas, ensuite bathrooms, and utility spaces that are less common in an older home.

Peace of Mind

When you purchase a new home from Concert Homes, you can be confident that it has been constructed to our exacting standards. As a result, it comes complete with a 10-year Warranty from NHBC (National House Building Council)

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