Q&A with Lifestyle Interiors

Q&A with Lifestyle Interiors

We spoke to the award winning designers who styled our show home at Scholars' Chase about the do's and don'ts of interior design. Design Manager Harriet at Lifestyle Interiors has given us some great advice that we would like to share.

What is the first step in interior design?

Knowing the space and client you are working for and that your values and ideas align.


What inspires your designs?

We have regular inspiration trend meetings on upcoming interior trends in the coming months/ years.


What would you say are the most common mistakes people make when redecorating?

We find that people try to fill a room with furniture that is not necessary. In a lounge for example people always try to put in the maximum size or sofa when in reality it makes the room look a lot smaller and overcrowded. If you use the right size furniture for the room you will find it flows a lot better and the scheme looks more considered.


Do you have any inexpensive tricks for updating a room?

A lick of paint can really go a long way, by adding a feature wall or even painting your ceiling in a feature colour (if you are brave enough) can really elevate a room at a small cost.


What are the current colour trends, have we seen the back of grey?

Green is big at the moment and we don’t see that changing anytime soon, with the interior trends focusing a lot on natural inspiration and bringing the outdoors in to create a calming space, we are seeing a lot of natural greens in interiors. We are definitely favouring off white/ more natural colours as a base for most schemes now rather than the often harsh/ cool grey tones.  


What key pieces would you invest in?

The pieces that you use most often we believe is where you should spend the most. Sofas, beds & dining tables/chairs. People often splurge on a feature coffee table or a full matching bedroom set however investing in the pieces you spend the most time using will stop you from spending out year after year when they break/ trends change.


One piece of advice when choosing flooring?

Think about who lives in the house and what traffic it will have in that area. If you have 3 children and 2 dogs a cream stairs carpet is not going to be practical. Always go for practicality over style. Also think is this a fad or a timeless choice, going for a warm neutral carpet and a soft wood flooring we believe will never date.


Are there any trends you think people should avoid?

I think always go with what you like, trends will come and go. If you like something don’t be disheartened if somebody on Instagram now says its ‘no longer on trend’ I would always try to choose timeless large pieces of furniture and wallpaper as these are investment pieces that you don’t want to start to dislike after one season. But when it comes to the smaller things, put things in your home that you enjoy and make you happy!


When budget is tight, what would be the priority to make a house feel like a home?

Creating at least one room that feels finished. Having one space that you can go into and add all of your personal touches. I also think this is the best way to work through your house, rushing interior design is never the answer. Living in the space first and working out how you live and use your home gives you such a better idea on interior ideas.


What are the top interior trends for 2023?

Sustainability is still key in all areas of life and that is also true for interiors we don’t see this trend changing any time soon. Green is still a big colour trend in all areas of interiors. Artwork is also an important trend in 2023, not just choosing artwork that fills a space on a wall but choosing and collating pieces that you love and will be in your home for years to come.



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