Prior to your appointment

An appointment has been made for you with one of our Technicians, or with a trusted third party Subcontractor.

Before the appointment here are some things for you to consider:

  • Pets – Please ensure pets are kept away from the work area and are not likely to get upset by our presence. Our colleague may wish to leave if they feel at all threatened by an animal for example.
  • Personal Items – Please move your personal items away from the work area. While we do our best to protect them, we cannot accept liability for any damage if reasonable effort was not taken to move them.
  • Storage – Please note that Concert Homes never recommends storing items in loft spaces or garages. If we are working in these areas and you do have items stored, Concert Homes cannot be held liable for removing, moving or storing these items.
  • Moving Items – If you do request the help of our Technician or Subcontractor to move an item of furniture for example, this is done at the homeowners own risk. Concert Homes is not insured for the removal of items by our colleagues and our Technician or Subcontractor may politely decline for their own Health & Safety.
  • Children – For the safety of all parties, our Subcontractors or Technicians may refuse to enter your home if there is an unaccompanied child/ teenager within the property. Please ensure that an adult is present at all times if children are within the property.
  • Reporting Additional Items – Please do not report any additional snagging items to our Subcontractors or Technicians. So that we can log them on our system and action them in a timely manner, please call us directly on 01772 810 250 or email

Please remember that as per the Consumer Code, homeowners have a responsibility to provide Concert Homes with reasonable access to rectify snagging issues. We work Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm; weekend appointments cannot be made.

Concert Homes cannot be held liable for any costs associated with appointments, such as time off work, childcare, pet accommodation or storage of personal items.

Our Technicians and Subcontractors must also respect your home and property. If you have any feedback following an appointment or visit, please email with your name, development, plot number and feedback.

If you cannot make an appointment please can you give us at least 24 hours’ notice to allow us to notify the sub-contractor. If an appointment is booked in advance and no one is there to let us complete the works this will be classed as a failed attempt and you will be charged at the sub-contractors rate for the works they should have been able to complete on this day.

If someone within the household is currently experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 then please cancel your appointment as soon as the self isolation starts. In this event there will be no charges for appointments that have not been able to be attended to.

Further details on our Customer Charter are available here